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Homework: read into Baseline Expectations!

Attendees: Casper Dreef, Chris Philips, Nicole Harris, Steve Glover, Jean-Pierre Aerts, Maarten Kremers, Kevin Hickey, Alex Stuart, Pål Axelsson, Daniel Muscat, Dean Flanders, Alan Buxey, Davide Vaghetti, Peter Gietz, Meshna Koren, Martin Stanislav, Albert Wu, Stephen Lovell


  1. Background
  2. Define the work items and work plan of this WG as described in WG Charter eduGAIN Futures Working Group Charter
  3. Elect the Chair(s)
  4. AOB


1. Background

Only 1 major revision since the start of eduGAIN. Governance and profiles. Baseline expectations in REFEDS.
Davide: Is eduGAIN a marketplace for metadata or a infrastucture? In case of the later, the bar should be raised.
Terry: What is the value proposition of eduGAIN? How do we promote eduGAIN.
What impact do commercial parties have on eduGAIN?

Chris: Technology, OpenID Connect in particular, is obviously missing on the agenda.

The group agreed that technology should be on the agenda,

Meshna: It is important to sustain the community. For an SP it's becoming increasingly difficult to see the benefits, due to technological difficulties. Making eduGAIN more relevant and interesting for SPs. A long-term strategy is needed.


Dean: Critical for open science is to get group membership for organisations.

Peter: New development: eduID.

Davide: Changes need to be sustainable. We can't cover it all, so we need to stick with the fundamentals. Currently eduGAIN - by design -  doesn't have the capacity to manage a single entity. Do we want to change this?

2. Define work items


Chris: Goals. What's the product of this group? Recommondations to the eSG?
Nicole: Yes, a set of recommendations to be sent out to eduGAIN in the wider sense (eSG, OT, Secretariat, etc).
Davide: Try to capture the view of all stakeholders. At the moment we don't have big research infrastuctures.


Alex: Should this be a short term working group?
Nicole: Time frame suggestion. Recommendations done by May. Outcomes to be discussed during TNC and REFEDS meetings. 
Dean: Add a seventh item about the future technical vision.
Nicole: Current work items form under Goal 1. Technical recommendations could fall under Goal 2.
Dean: Concept of FaaS should be able to support a broader set of technologies (SAML, OIDC, etc.).
Chris: eSG is more a general assembly. This group could be a companion of the OT. Long running. Get work done faster. (Goal 3)
Pål: Work item 8. Possible formation of long term group or team.

3. Elect the Chair

Call for chair

4. AOB

Homework: read into Baseline Expectations!