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eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

15th June 2021 07:00 UTC / 09:00 Amsterdam: In your time zone


06:45 UTC

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (see  Connection Details)

07:00 UTC

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith, AAF, Chair
07:10 UTC

Membership Updates and Joining

Casper Dreef, Secretariat
07:15 UTC

Team Updates

  • Operations Team
  • Support Team
  • F-Ticks
  • Business development
Davide Vaghetti, IDEM, Service owner
07:30 UTC

Team updates: Security team

  • Regular updates
  • Working Group updates
Security Team
07:50 UTCEOSC AAI Federation

Christos Kannelopoulos, GÉANT

08:10 UTC

Re-imaging eduGAIN

Nicole Harris, GÉANT
08:25 UTC

Future SG meetings, Any other business, Summary and Actions

08:30 UTC

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (26)

  1. Australian Access Federation (AAF) - Australia
  2. IDEM - Italy
  3. DFN-AAI - Germany
  4. -Hungary
  5. - Czech Republic
  6. GaKuNin - Japan
  7. UKfederation - United Kingdom
  8. SAFIRE - South Africa
  9. AAI@EduHr - Croatia
  10. Canadian Access Federation (CAF) - Canada
  11. SWAMID - Sweden
  12. HAKA - Finland
  13. CYNET IF - Cyprus
  14. PIONIER.Id - Poland
  15. RCTSaai - Portugal
  16. LEAF -Moldova
  17. RićerkaNET IF - Malta
  18. Fédération Éducation-Recherche - France
  19. SWITCHaai - Switzerland
  20. safeID - Slovakia
  21. WAYF - Denmark
  22. SIR - Spain
  23. MINGA - Ecuador
  24. INFED - India
  25. IRFED - Iran
  26. CARSI - China

Attendees (36)

  1. Terry Smith (AAF)
  2. Casper Dreef (GÉANT)
  3. Davide Vaghetti (IDEM)
  4. Eisaku Sakane (GaKuNin)
  5. Jan Oppolzer (
  6. Guy Halse (SAFIRE)
  7. Christos Kanellopoulos (GÉANT)
  8. Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)
  9. Jari Toropainen (HAKA)
  10. Chris Phillips (CAF)
  11. Aristos Anastatiou (CynetIF)
  12. Wolfgang Pempe (DFN-AAI)
  13. Maja Górecka-Wolniewicz (PIONIER.Id)
  14. Attila Laszlo (
  15. Esmeralda Pires (RCTSaai)
  16. Valentin Pocotilenco (LEAF)
  17. Alex Stuart (UKfederation)
  18. Tomasz Wolniewicz (PIONIER.Id)
  19. Marina Adomeit (SWAMID)
  20. Mario Reale (GÉANT)
  21. Miroslav Milinovic (AAI@EduHR)
  22. Daniel Muscat (RićerkaNET Identity Federation)
  23. Anass Chabli (Fédération Éducation-Recherche)
  24. Thomas Baerecke (SWITCHaai)
  25. Martin Stanislav (safeID)
  26. Mads Freek Petersen (WAYF)
  27. José Manuel Macias (SIR)
  28. Donal Coetzee (SAFIRE)
  29. Claudio Chacon (MINGA)
  30. Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF)
  31. Raja Visvanathan (INFED)
  32. Nicole Harris (GÉANT)
  33. Licia Florio (GÉANT)
  34. Saeed Khademi (IRFED)
  35. Ping Chen (CARSI)
  36. Janos Mohacsi (

Apologies (xx)

  1. ...


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith (Chair) opened the eSG meeting and went through the open action. Two open actions from the March meeting can be closed. The open action on yearly auditing remains open.

Open actions

There were no additional agenda points proposed.

Membership Updates and Joining

The SG welcomed TIGERfed from Bangladesh as newest eduGAIN member.

Further candidacy updates were discussed under Team Updates: Business Development.

Contact information management
Only 31/72 federations have a dedicated security contact listed on the technical website.

It would be very helpful to the security team if all federations have a dedicated security contact listed.

Management contact: checked all federations' signed policies and noticed that for many the signing organisation no longer exists or the signatory has left the organization.
The Secretariat would like to set up a management contact database. Reasons to set up:
1) Federation Operator isn't responding to messages from the Support or Security team
2) Federation Operator isn't responding to messages from Chair, service owner and secretariat.
3) To confirm delegate changes

  • ACTION: Secretariat to create database
  • ACTION: Send out request to provide a security contact before 1st July

Team Updates

Operation team:

CAFMoz and MATE are still suspended. AAF is working with CAFMoz to get them back on board. 

The validator has been updated after the problem with duplication of the description attributes for the same language, which violates the standards. Checks were added, not only for the description, but also for other attributes that are listed in the same group. Now it cannot have multiple values for the same language anymore. It will be shown as an error and the metadata will be rejected.

Support team:

The number of tickets is stable. The main challenge for the support team is federations not answering to tickets.

F-Ticks and eduGAIN Reporting

Davide Vaghetti presented on the tools and core services used to run eduGAIN. Currently the development and maintenance of the tools and services is done by multiple smaller teams with different practices and service infrastructures used. The plan is to instal one unified team that will be responsible for maintaining and further developing the tools and services.
This team will define coding and deployment practices and consolidate the infrastructures used to run the services and tools.

The eduGAIN Reporting tool now moved from the Incubator task to the eduGAIN service. The eduGAIN service now works on finishing the development and works on the transition to production. 

The Privacy Notice for F-Ticks has been updated and the team is looking into integrating F-Tick into the aforementioned reporting tool. More participants are needed to make F-Ticks successful. Please reach out to the team if you would like to participate.

Business development:

Latin America: RedCLARA applied with their own federation FIEL. The aim of the federation is to serve Latin-American countries without their own NREN. On the other hand RedCLARA will support small federations in the RedCLARA membership. One of these federations is YAMI from Costa Rica, which has also applied for membership.

Africa: The AfricaConnect3 project is working on a catch-all federation. The aim is to support AC3's members setting up their own federations and in the meantime support the African R&E community's federated services.
Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria are preparing to set up their own federations and will apply any time soon.

The team is planning a follow up with ASREN after training sessions end.

Team updates Security team:

The SheerID incident was handled by the security team. All affected institutions have been (indirectly) contacted.

The Security Team would like to stress out that without a designated security contact communications will be impossible. In case your federation doesn't have a security contact listed, please inform the secretariat.

EOSC AAI Federation

Christos Kannelopoulos (GÉANT) presented on current works in EOSC and possibility to form a EOSC AAI Federation in the (near) future.

Re-imaging eduGAIN

An eduGAIN Futures working group will be established. The charter can be found here: eduGAIN Futures Working Group Charter. Please inform the secretariat if you want to participate in this working group.

Future SG Meetings, Any other business, Summary and Actions

Any Other Business:

The eSG members didn't bring up AOB.

Future SG meetings 2021:

23 March 12:00 UTC
15 June 07:00 UTC
14 September 16:30 UTC
14 December 12:00 UTC

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