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The next opportunity to get together to share ideas, experiences and best practices will be on 12 June 2016, when there will be a joint meeting of TF-CPR and the Global PR Network in Prague, immediately preceding this year's networking conference, TNC16. The preliminary agenda is now available.

Registration is open: register!


Information about hotels, the venue and how to get there are all available via the TNC16 website.


If you have any agenda topic ideas please contact Laura.Durnford@geant.org or add them into the agenda suggestions page.

Subsequent Meetings:

AUTUMN 2016 - hosted by EENet in Estonia (venue tbc)

Date tbc - please vote via the Foodle poll at https://foodl.org/foodle/TF-CPR-SIG-Marcomms-autumn-meeting-date-5742f (federated login required).





TF-CPR meeting 16-18 March 2016 agenda and slides (including GÉANT Project topics), Stockholm, Sweden

TF-CPR meeting 28-30 October 2015 agenda and slides (including GÉANT Project topics), Cambridge UK


Note: Past TF-CPR meeting notes, agendas and slides can currently still be found at http://www.terena.org/activities/tf-cpr/pastmeetings/.