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Trust and Identity

Task Forces and SIGS (other than TF-DPR)

September 2017TF-CSIRT and panel discussion
February 2018TF-CSIRTGDPR at RIPE and GDPR for you SIEM:
November 2018SIG-NOCGDPR and NOC issues: 6th SIG-NOC meeting.
April 2018SIG-NOCGDPR and ticketing: 7th SIG-NOC meeting.
March 2017SIG-MSP / SIG MarcommsPrepare for GDPR: SIG-Marcomms meeting 7-8 March 2017 - including a joint meeting with SIG-MSP.
March 2018SIG-MarcommsGDPR and Marcomms: SIG-Marcomms meeting%2C Spring 2018%2C Espoo Finland.
October 2017SIG-ISMGDPR discussion: 5th SIG-ISM Workshop - Agenda, Slides & Notes.
February 2018WISEGDPR Impact on Incident Response:


October 2017GÉANT Symposium PresentationGEANT-symposium-GDPR.ppt.
September 2017Internet2 ACAMP Session
May 2018Internet2 Global Summit Session (T&I focus)


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