Welcome to the pages of the Task Force Data Protection Regulation: TF-DPR for short.

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Our charter can be found here: TF-DPR Charter.docx

Contact info

If you have questions about the proposed TF-DPR, please email Aleksandra Krstevska

The proposed achievements and KPIs for the first year (2017 - 2018) are summarized in the table below

Work Items and Descriptions 2017 and 2018

Results or Deliverables


Inventory of current NREN preparations for the GDPR (PIA tools, model processor agreement, privacy statement ect)

A closed off wiki with best practices, tools and templates.


To be found HERE

Liaison with the GDPR cloud consumption support service

Providing feedback.


On the agenda at meeting 1 and 3

A GDPR analysis of GEANT services and services we have in common

An initial analysis of GEANT services to pinpoint which services need more consideration.


On the agenda at meeting 2

Analyse the different national approaches to legitimacy of processing

An overview of national approaches to legitimacy of processing.



This is the first year of TF-DPR

The TF-DPR is jointly led by its Steering Committee

  • Morten Eeg Ejrnæs Nielsen – DeiC
  • Evelijn Jeunink – SURFnet
  • Andrew Cormack – Jisc
  • David Foster – CERN
  • Pål Axelsson – SUNET


58 people on the mailing list

Non-exclusive list of active TF participants are

SURFnet, DeiC, HEAnet, DFN, Jisc, CERN, SUNET, Supercomputing Center Leibniz, RedIRIS, CSUC, Internet2, GÉANT

Recent space activity

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