Attendees: Casper Dreef, Stephen Lovell, Pål Axelsson, Davide Vaghetti, Maarten Kremers, Steve Glover, Albert Wu, Kevin Hickey, Meshna Koren, Klaas Wierenga, Daniel Muscat, Chris Phillips, Gert de Braekeleer, Tomasz Wolniewicz, Maja Wolniewicz


  1. Set the goals of the WG
  2. Elect Chair
  3. AOB


Set the goals of the WG


Goal 1. Baseline expectations

Davide: Review the table on the Charter page with a focus on the Potential Improvements column.
FO1: Filtering is both technical as policy change.
Tomasz: We need a mechanism to make Federations behave better. Filtering one entity to get it fixed should be allowed. But what if the entity doesn't get fixed.
Who going to decide what to filter and what not?
Pål: Filtering could also based on adoptation of CoCo and other reasons. I agree it needs to be well defined.
Mesha: Specific list of criteria before implementation. Up to the federation to enforce this across their entities.

Davide: A recomendation could be is to act more timely on issues with the MD.
Daniel: A system would be very helpful.
Davide: PushMDQ protocol is being tested in the Incubator. Implementing this requires quite some work from the federations.

Davide: Enforce CoCo, Sirtfi and R&S violations

Goal 2. Technology support

Gert: Distributed Ledger technologies. User-centric approach. Does this fit into the strategic direction for eduGAIN? In EPPSI we go for 'proof of authority'. Link to TF-DLT.
Klaas: We will look into the use of wallets. It is in scope of the discussion, but shouldn't be the main track of the discussion. We should also keep in mind we are a global initiative.
Chris: Maturity is also important. Interoperability and sustainability.
Maarten: Go for two tracks: short (evolutionary) and long term (revolutionary).
Meshna: For as long as the institutions are paying for access to content, user-centric is not fully posible.
Maarten: Interesting discussion on authentication and authorisation.
Chis: side  opinion: if we think eduGAIN interop and  improvements are tough with  our limited idps(5000 of them), I think trying to do things at a wallet level and ensuring attributes present etc via SSI is at least a magnitude order more challenging. Not insurmountable, but to me, not immediately in scope -Curation and stewardship feds offer is a strong story.
Pål: Best to focus on short or middle term.
Davide: Keep the door open to new technologies. 

Add DLT to goal 2.

Goal 3. Governance models

Goal 4. To cross-reference proposals with other working groups and the eduGAIN service teams


Chris: Can this be done within the set timeframe of this WG? What is the minimum we want to achieve?
Klaas: Prioritise?
Albert: Single question: what do we want eduGAIN to be?
Chis: We have a running service. What do we want to improve?
Klaas: Now we cannot assume integration with eG will go easy. Better fit-for-purpose.
Pål: Also keep differences between Federations in mind.

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