Attendees: Guy Halse, Marina Adomeit, Nicole Harris, Pål Axelsson, Mario Reale, Alex Stuart, Kevin Hicky, Steve Glover, Martin Stanislav, Alan Buxey, Pascal Pannaels, Meshna Koren, Klaas Wierenga, Casper Dreef, Chris Phillips, Peter Gietz


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Goal 1
FO1 was discussed. Rephrase the second column.
FO2: Federation contacts. Security, Delegates and management. 
Pal: Federation support contact. Generic first line support contact/helpdesk. Enforce a non-personal address.
Kevin: RFC2142 contact?
Mario: Security contact challenge, but for the generic contacts
FO3: -
Chris: is this a burning issue?
Nicole: Important in case if we change the rules.
Guy: Goes back to FO1 - inability to remove 1 entity
Alan: Is that what eG is supposed to do?
Chris: No gradient between compliant and Fed being suspended.
Nicole: When do we call the MD feed accurate?
Alex: We do in terms of MD but not in terms of messaging.

Nicole: Also, SPs expects a certain experience. Toolset to check MD validity. Is this ok or does it need clean-up.
Alan: Overarching page that discribes the services.
Alex: eG Reporting is doing something similar.
Marina: The point of Reporting is to pick up information of the tools. They are now preparing MVP1.
Chris: These tools are where the policy become real.
Governance as separate goal for the wg.
Kevin: Is it accurate to say that when a federation joins eduGAIN they are verified to meeting all expectations at the start? I ask because much of the discussion appears to resolve around change management processes.
Guy: eG is not a small organisation anymore. Now we want to be more rigid, governance needs to change.
Pal: This is continuous work

Meshna: What is meant with 'timely' in FO2/FO3.
Nicole: This needs to be worked out.
Chris: Techinical implications. Where to put those?


Pal: eG is based on Federations. But input from non-federations would be much needed. REFEDS WGs or groups like FIM4...
Guy: It need to be possible to involve poeple with the relevant knowledge and skills.
Alan: Take GeGC as an example? SG remain assembly, but a governance group with regional representation.
Guy: Disportionate representation.
Klaas: Useful to think about other models. But we need to be clear on what we want to achieve with a new model. More decision power? High level? Hands-on?

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