This consultation will open on 5th May 2023 and close on 2nd June 2023 at 17:00 CEST


Following the recommendations from the eduGAIN Futures Working Group whitepaper the working group continued to work on Recommendation 3.1 of the whitepaper. As a result the working group has revised the eduGAIN Constitution and drafted the Terms of Reference for a to be formed Steering Committee.   This consultation is for the proposed changes to the eduGAIN Constitution.  The eduGAIN Community is invited to review and post comments on the documents below.

Consultation Documents

The document for the consultation is available as a pdf attachment (with changes redlined) and a pdf attachment (clean).  All comments should be added to the changelog below or sent directly to:  Comments posted to other lists will not be included in the consultation review.  All comments must be received by 2nd June 2023.

Change log

Please add your comments to the change log below

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"...described in section 3.6" appears to be an error. Section 3.5 describes Dispute Resolution

Albert Wu / InCommon


The eSC ToR has an additional item under eSC responsibilities that is missing from the eduGAIN Constitution: "Approving, supporting and chairing eduGAIN Working Groups". Is that omission intentional?

Albert Wu / InCommon

3118 - 132

It is unclear from this text who the eduGAIN Service Team reports to, i.e., who oversees the work and performance of this function?

Albert Wu / InCommon

4218 - 219

Both mentions of "... as per section 2.2." seem questionable. Section 2.2 describes the eduGAIN Steering Committee.

Albert Wu / InCommon

5283 and 285

The 2 URLs at these lines begin with "http://". Both redirect to their secure equivalent. It'd be best to point directly to their "https://" equivalents. 

Albert Wu / InCommon


The amended constitution still reads like eduGAIN is only a point of metadata exchange among federations. Is that the intent? Is there any work underway to address other matters essential to trusted and scalable interoperation among entities registered in eduGAIN: broad adoption of interoperability profiles; mappable operating (security, privacy, support, etc) policies? Does eduGAIN intend to take an active role in helping newer/smaller federations grow/mature in their capabilities so that there is parity across federations?

Albert Wu / InCommon

775, 123, 217

'Technical Profiles': is there a difference compared to the 'Technology Profiles'?

Wolfgang Pempe / DFN


'voting list': Does this refer to eduGAIN Membership Votes? If yes, there should be 1-2 explanatory sentences in section  2.3, e.g. "A Member Federation which is absent from two consecutive votes will be removed from the active list for the purpose of subsequent votes. Participating in a vote returns the federation to the active list." (copy+paste)

Wolfgang Pempe / DFN

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