This consultation will open on 5th May 2023 and close on 2nd June 2023 at 17:00 CEST


Following the recommendations from the eduGAIN Futures Working Group whitepaper the working group continued to work on Recommendation 3.1 of the whitepaper. As a result the working group has revised the eduGAIN Constitution and drafted the Terms of Reference for a to be formed Steering Committee. This consultation is for the proposed new Terms of Reference for the eduGAIN Steering Committee.  The eduGAIN Community is invited to review and post comments on the documents below.


The document for the consultation is available as a pdf attachment.  All comments should be added to the changelog below or sent directly to:  Comments posted to other lists will not be included in the consultation review. All comments must be received by 2nd June 2023.

Change log

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Lines 41-42 state that candidates will be vetted. By whom? And using what criteria?

If the vetting is that the eduGAIN Secretariat will ensure the slate is diverse & representative (as in lines 44-45) then I propose that the current lines 39-45 be replaced with:

"Requests for nominations to the eduGAIN Steering Committee will be initiated by the Secretariat. Candidates can be self nominated, nominated by their organisation or by another organisation including current eduGAIN Service Team members.

The eduGAIN Secretariat will ensure that the slate of nominees is diverse and representative of the eduGAIN community. A list of proposed nominees will then be circulated to the General Assembly."

Alex Stuart/Jisc


'eduGAIN Service Owner': This role/function is not mentioned in the Constitution. Is that intentional?

Wolfgang Pempe / DFN


'Technical Profiles': perhaps better 'Technology Profiles' in order to meet the wording of the Constitution?

Wolfgang Pempe / DFN

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