These are initial ideas that have been raised during the planning meetings so far.

Increase the number of security contacts for Federation Operators

How do we support federations that are small in size?

Gather information about how federations are working with existing NREN / other security teams

Influence role of federations for groups such as REN-ISAC / R&E group in Trusted Introducer

Process for proactive and reactive communications - should include ensuring FO knows as much as possible, trying to minimise multiple communications, clear eduGAIN branding etc.

Clearer information  / training on TLP and what each area means - add federation context examples

Process for security / communication challenges

Process for after event analysis - breakdown the heartbleed work as an example (eg not just fixing entities but learning about legal models for monitoring and testing)

Acceptance of the eduGAIN Incident Response Handbook

Crisis exercises / security simulations.  Can work with other groups like CLAW / TI on this.

Adoption of good security practices: Sirtfi, MFA etc.

Improve the use and understanding of Sirtfi  / security contacts in metadata.

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