eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

15 March 09:45 UTC: In your time zone


09:30 UTC

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?"

09:45 UTC

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith, AAF, Chair
09:50 UTC

Membership Updates and Joining

  • eduGAIN New Candidate Process
  • Current candidates: IFARE, EFIS, CAMREN, Federasi. 
  • Candidates out for review: SomaliREN
  • Suspended federations: CAFMoz and MATE
Casper Dreef, Secretariat
10:00 UTC

Team Updates

  • Operations Team
  • Support Team
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • F-Ticks
  • Security team

Davide Vaghetti, IDEM, Service owner

10:30 UTC

Working Groups update

  • eduGAIN Futures: eduGAIN Governance Changes.  Finalisation of discussion paper.
  • Next steps: formal drafting of new eduGAIN Declaration, eduGAIN Constitution and eduGAIN Steering Committee ToR for review and voting.


11:00 UTCAny other business
11:10 UTC

Future SG meetings, Summary and Actions

11:15 UTC

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (22)

  1. SWAMID, Sweden
  2. AAF, Australia
  3. SWITCHaai, Switzerland
  4. UK Federation, United Kingdom
  5. SIFULAN, Malaysia
  6. HAKA, Finland
  7. AAI@EduHr, Croatia
  8. HAKA, Finland
  9., Czech Republic
  10. PIONEER.Id, Poland
  11. IDEM, Italy
  12. SURFconext, the Netherlands
  13. SAFIRE, South Africa
  14., Slovakia
  15. RiçerkaNET Identity Federation, Malta
  16. GakuNin, Japan
  17. SIR, Spain
  18. AAI@eduHR, Croatia
  19. LEAF, Moldova
  20. CAFe, Brasil
  21. Canadian Access Federation, Canada
  22. INFED, India

Attendees (29)

  1. Björn Mattson, SWAMID
  2. Terry Smith, AAF
  3. Maarten Kremers, GN5-1 WP5 leader
  4. Pål Axelsson, SWAMID
  5. Nicole Harris, GÉANT
  6. Casper Dreef, GÉANT
  7. Mario Reale, GÉANT
  8. Thomas Lenggenhager, SWITCHaai
  9. Alex Stuart, UK Federation
  10. Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi, SIFULAN
  11. Lukas Hämmerle, SWITCHaai
  12. Jukka Kärkkäinen, HAKA
  13. Jan Oppolzer,
  14. Tomasz Wolniewicz, PIONEER.Id
  15. Maha Gorecka-Wolniewicz, PIONEER.Id
  16. Davide Vaghetti, IDEM
  17. Thijs Kinkhorst, SURFconext
  18. Donald Coetzee, SAFIRE
  19. Martin Stanislav,
  20. Daniel Muscat, RiçerkaNet Identity Federation
  21. Thomas Baerecke, eduGAIN Support team lead
  22. Guy Halse, SAFIRE
  23. Eisaku Sakane, GakuNin
  24. Jose Manuel Macias, SIR
  25. Dubravko Penezic, AAI@eduHR
  26. Valentin Pocotilenco, LEAF
  27. Jean Carlo Faustino, CAFe
  28. Chris Phillips, CAF
  29. Raja Visvanathan, INFED

Apologies (X)

  1. Wolfgang Pempe (DFN)


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Minutes of the previous meeting

Open actions

Terry Smith opened the meeting. This eSG meeting is colocated with APAN55 in Kathmandu.

All actions remain open. We are looking at a possible resigning and making future policy signing easier using eduSIGN.

The minutes were approved.

Membership Updates and Joining

New members:

Suspended Members:

  • MATE, Argentina
  • CAFMoz, Mozambique

New Candidates

  • CAMREN, Cambodia
  • Federasi, Indonesia


  • SomaliREN Identity Federation (SIF), Somalia

LAIFE - update.


Update - Alex and Heather will chair that process. Hopefully this will take not very long.

Team Updates

Support team: expand the team and give the team more responsibilities. Better use the resources and expertise of the team members. The team could help implementing the proposed changes that came out the Futures WG.

Training: What would be the training needs? It would be great if the community could share their knowledge on Hub-and-Spoke technology. Another option would be to organise a series of workshops or webinars. Davide will ask the Training Team to come up with a concrete proposal and ask for help from Federation Operators.

  • ACTION: Hub-and-Spoke training / webinars

F-ticks & Reporting: Ongoing work on implementing F-ticks to the Reporting tool. Also working on auditing process. It need to be defined on how and when we would run these audits.

Security team: The eSG has approved the CSIRT documentation. The eduGAIN CSIRT has been established. The CSIRT is working on practical matters, such as rota, periodic information sharing, etc.

OT: BAU. The new approach of updating the entity database in under development. Two features calls appeared in the ECCS GitLab.

eduGAIN Working Groups: Futures

Link to whitepaper

Draft proposal for eduGAIN Governance change:

We have been working on some revised proposals. The paper was published end of last year. Started working on the recommendations.

First focus is governance changes. A discussion piece was drafted. This paper can be found above. Main points:
- establish a small Steering Committee
- establish an Assembly

If everyone is happy with the current proposal. New draft of the Constitution and a Steering Committee ToR. Formal vote by current SG. Also it might be a good idea to resign the Declaration with current members. This would also help with establishing a management contact database. A managed process is required.

Time frame, we hope to have produce these documents and implemented the changes before TNC.

Rules and responsibilities for members of the Steering Committee. People need to know what they sign up for. The ToR will define this. Also, an informal one-pager about 'what is expected from Steering Committee members' would be very valuable.

Comments can be sent to Futures mailing list:

Any other business

FedCM activities. Browser updates could affect SAML protocols, single sign-out, directory. There is a REFEDS group working on this.

APAN organised a session on FedCM. Pål will ask if the presentation could be shared with the Federation Operators. There will also be BoF at TNC23.

Future SG Meetings, Summary and Actions

Town Hall. Stockholm, 10-11 October. Colocated with REFEDS. Two full days.

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