eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

13 September 16:30 UTC: In your time zone


16:15 UTC

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?"

16:30 UTC

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith, AAF, Chair
16:35 UTC

Membership Updates and Joining

Casper Dreef, Secretariat
16:50 UTC

Team Updates

  • Operations Team
  • Support Team
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • F-Ticks
  • Security team

Davide Vaghetti, IDEM, Service owner

17:10 UTC

Working Groups update


17:15 UTCAny other business
17:25 UTC

Future SG meetings, Summary and Actions

17:30 UTC

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (xx)

  1. IDEM (Italy)
  2. LEAF (Moldova
  3. Canadian Access Federation (Canada)
  4. SWITCHaai (Switzerland)
  5. DFN-AAI (Germany)
  6. (Hungary)
  7. (Czech Republic)
  8. InCommon (USA)
  9. RTCSaai (Portugal)
  10. AAIEduMK (North-Macedonia)
  11. CAFe (Brazil)
  12. SAFIRE (South-Africa)
  13. UK federation (United Kingdom)
  14. CAFMoz (Mozambique)

Attendees (xx)

  1. Davide Vaghetti (IDEM)
  2. Valentin Pocotilenco (LEAF)
  3. Casper Dreef (GÉANT)
  4. Chris Phillips (CAF)
  5. Thomas Baerecke (SWITCHaai)
  6. Esmeralda Pires (RTCSaai)
  7. Alex Stuart (UK Federation)
  8. Albert Wu (InCommon)
  9. Wolfgang Pempe (DFN-AAI)
  10. Leonel Nhavene (CAFMoz)
  11. Jan Oppolzer (
  12. Nicole Roy (InCommon)
  13. Moises Mucelo (CAFMoz)
  14. Janos Mohacsi (
  15. Boro Jakimovski (AAIEduMK)
  16. Jean Carlo Faustino (CAFe)
  17. Donald Coetzee (SAFIRE)

Apologies (xx)

  1. Terry Smith (Australian Access Federation)
  2. Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Davide volunteered to chair the meeting, opened the meeting and welcomed the Steering Group members.

Minutes of the previous meeting - eduGAIN SG - May 2022

Open actions

All actions remain open.

Membership Updates and Joining

Under vote:

  • iAMRES, Serbia
  •, African catch-all federation
  • AzScienceNet, Azerbaijan 
  • RaFiKi, Kenia

Feedback on eduGAIN Candidate Process was positive. It is easy track and respond to the comments from the membership.

Suspended Members:

  • MATE, Argentina
  • CAFMoz, Mozambique - update

Moises and Leonel introduced the themselves and the process of rejoining full membership. The CAFMoz team is updating their policy documents. The secretariat and service team will then assess the new documents. Depending on the changes made compared to the original policy the secretariat will either advice the membership to end the suspension or call for a full assessment by the membership.

The members agreed on this proposal.

New Candidates

  • SomaliREN Identity Federation (SIF), Somalia

Team Updates

Davide provided an update on the service teams. Please see the slides for more information.

Davide asked for participation in the f-ticks project. InCommon sees the same challenges with similar projects within the federation.

  • ACTION: Davide/Casper to discuss organizing an f-ticks workshop with REFEDS and/or ACAMP.

eduGAIN Security documents on the wiki are available to the community. During previous attacks on Atlassian information on threats couldn't be received via the wiki. Therefor it was decided to move some of the information on GitLab.

eduGAIN Working Groups: Futures


The secretariat will work on a final version for approval before the next Steering Group meeting.

Any other business

TLP2.0. For now the Security Team will stick with v1.0 until the end of the year. The Security Team will monitor the activities in the CSIRT community.

Future SG Meetings, Summary and Actions

New action: Davide/Casper to discuss organizing an f-ticks workshop with REFEDS and/or ACAMP.

Future SG meetings 2022:

#1 - 22th March 12:00 UTC

#2 - 24th May 7:00 UTC

#3 - Extraordinary meeting TNC22

  • Monday 13th June - REFEDS side meeting

#4 - 13th September 16:30 UTC

#5 - 14th December 12:00 UTC

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