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September 2016

  • Mini "all-hands" for T5 on 1st September to start planning out a workplan for the task and upcoming meetings. 
  • Planning for the 3rd GCC meeting, including a paper on how to better manage communications for the group.  
  • Promoting the concept of TFs and SIGs: SJ gave a presentation on the TFs and SIGs at LITNET conference, VN to the SIG-Marcomms group. 
  • Work with Chris G on eventr reports to better capture information about meeting attendance, and updating this wiki with other stats.
  • NA3 TL meeting in Cambridge. 

Task Force and SIG meetings

  • TF-CSIRT met from 20th - 21st September 2016 in Zurich Switzerland with 120 particpants.
  • TF-WebRTC met from 22nd - 23rd September 2016 in Helsinki, Finland with 28 participants.
  • SIG-Marcomms met from 27th - 29th September 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia with 28 participants. 
  • SIG-ISM met from 12th - 13th September 2016 in Trondheim, Norway with 19 participants. 

October 2016

  • 3rd GCC Meeting held as a face-to-face in Amsterdam.
  • TF-CSIRT support for FIRST Traffic Light protocol announced:
  • Closure of TF-MNM, acceptance of new SIG-Multimedia group.  Decision on TF-RED (Research Engagement Development) postponed.
  • Agreement to scope a Crisis Management Workshop in 2017.
  • SIG ISM white paper risk management published.
  • SIG-Greenhouse finalises notarization of Commons Conservancy.
  • Addressing issues arising from staff changes and under-allocation of staff to MM in the task.

Task Force and SIG meetings

  • SIG-MSP from 12th - 13th October in Rome, Italy with 36 participants. 

November 2016

  • Joint NA2 / NA3 meeting in Amsterdam. 
  • Finalising staffing changes due to staff leaving.
  • Task Leader MPiViT training. 
  • TF-MNM initialising govroam group and exchange of govroam trademark to GÉANT.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • SIG-PMV meeting on 3rd November 2016 with 33 participants.
  • SIG-NOC meeting from 28th - 29th November 2016 with 37 participants. 

December 2016

  • Filesender first project to join Commons Conservancy via Greenhouse.
  • TF-MNM formally concluded. 
  • New proposal for Task Force to replace tf-storage finalised, ready for review by GCC.
  • Start of scoping for two major workshops for 2017 on crisis management and communications.

January 2017

  • Trusted Introducer tender completed and marking started.
  • Planning for SIG-ISM, SIG-MSP and SIG-Marcomms meetings underway.
  • Planning and agreed schedule for TF and SIG meetings at TNC2017.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • TF-CSIRT meeting on 23-25 January 2017 in Valencia, Spain with 200 participants.

February 2017

  • 4th GCC meeting held on 24th February 2017.  TF-RED, SIG-TNE and SIG-CISS (was TF-Storage) groups approved.
  • Addressed staffing issues: Charlie van Genuchten from Surfnet supporting part-time and new role advertised.  
  • Planning for upcoming meetings: SIG-MSP, SIG-Marcomms, TF-RED, SIG-TNE (at I2 Global Summit), SIG-NOC and TF-CSIRT.  
  • News blogpost on work in NA3 T5:
  • Planning work with NA3 T4 for service requirements analysis. 
  • Development of govroam group and appropriate agreements for govroam usage, including transfer of trademark.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • SIG-ISM meeting on 22-23rd February 2017 in Dublin, Ireland with 20 face-to-face and 10 remote participants. 

March 2017

  • Crisis Management workshop planning: location agreed and working group formed.  
  • GCC report for General Assembly.
  • TF-CSIRT strategy meeting produced a new TF-CSIRT 3 year strategy document - useful exercise that should be repeated.
  • Planning for: 5th GCC meeting, TNC sessions (TNE, RED, Marcomms, proposed Legal, WISE, PMV), May TF-CSIRT and SIG-PMV, April SIG-NOC and SIG-Multimedia.
  • WISE Workshop in Amsterdam.
  • New MoU for FIRST and TF-CSIRT signed.

 Task Force and SIG meetings:

April 2017

 Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • SIG-NOC meeting, 26th-27th April at CERN (23 participants to date).  Focus on best practice and monitoring / performance. 
  • TF-RED: planning meeting at I2 Global Summit.
  • TNE: planning meeting at I2 Global Summit.  

May 2017

  • WISE SCIv2 endorsed by the major infrastructures at TNC17
  • CLAW Crisis Management Exercise working group F2F meeting in Utrecht on 23 May (agenda and plan in place, ready to announce soon)
  • Annual Mobility Day organised for 60 participants at TNC. govroam and visitor access identified as priority work areas for GÉANT
  • Proposed new TF - TF-legal

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • TF-CSIRT meeting (collocated with NCSC-NL One Conference) - 130 attendees 
  • SIG-TNE: first meeting at TNC17 (20 participants, 4 working groups established)
  • SIG-Multimedia, joint meeting in Porto with UP2U project  - 51 attendees
  • SIG-PMV meeting in Amsterdam - 31 participants
  • TF-RED meeting at TNC - 30+ participants
  • SIG-Marcomms meeting at TNC - 37 participants

September 2017

Task Force and SIG meetings:

October 2017

  • 7th GCC meeting: 7th GCC Meeting - 20170620.
  • GCC main issues raised: innovation funding and NREN readiness for GDPR.
  • Full review of communications plan for task forces and SIGs.
  • Prep for CLAW workshop ongoing.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

November 2017

Task Force and SIG meetings:

December 2017

  • CLAW meeting de-brief and future plans.
  • SIG-NOC training planning meting.
  • Planning for various Spring meetings (Marcomms, MSP, CSIRT).
  • TNC proposals for TFs and SIGs.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

No formal meetings

January 2018

Task Force and SIG meetings:

February 2018

  • Preparation and planning for GCC.
  • Planning and organisation for meetings at TNC.
  • Contributions to Annual Report, Compendium.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

March 2018

  • Investigatory work on requirements for a repository for TF and SIG outputs. 
  • 9th GCC meeting: 9th GCC Meeting - 20180410.
  • Initial planning and materials for CLAW.
  • Update to community section of the GÉANT website.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

April 2018

  • Exploring use of Zenodo as a repository. 

Task Force and SIG meetings:

May 2018

  • Managing issues with manpower due to loss of staff (Peter and Charlie).
  • Work on CLAW Workshop.
  • Work on Mobility Workshop.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • TF-CSIRT in Warsaw (250 attendees).

June 2018

  • Resourcing gap addressed: SIG-NOC, SIG-CISS and SIG-PMV covered.  Outstanding: TF-DPR, Multimedia
  • Meeting on proposed TF-SMD
  • Coordination meeting with secretaries
  • GCC meeting: 10th GCC Meeting - 20180618
  • GPPC and GCC meeting at TNC

Task Force and SIG meetings:

August 2018

  • Coordination meeting: 20180823 - Task Force and SIG Coordination Meeting.
  • Good progress on planning for 'TF and SIG' season with 10 meetings during Sept - Nov period (DPR, CSIRT, Marcomms, MSP, ISM, PMV, CLAW, NOC, NGN, CISS). 
  • Life brought back to CISS thanks to Silvie! 
  • Progress on reviewing options for repository (Zenodo vs Sharepoint vs website).
  • Work on reporting figures for meetings in terms of NRENs / locations.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • No meetings due to summer holiday period.

September 2018

  • Work on repository for community programme outputs - full analysis of options
  • Big focus on event management during "event season".
  • Work with partner relations people on bringing NRENs to CLAW.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • TF-DPR, 13 - 14 September 2018 (10 + 5).
  • SIG-Marcomms, 26-28 September 2018, Lisbon (26 + 3)
  • TF-CSIRT, 27-28 September 2018, Vilnius (130)

October 2018

  • GCC meeting on 23rd October: 11th GCC Meeting - 20181023.  GCC is concerned about available staff and the shift away from groups being managed by a PDO function in GÉANT.
  • Eventr statistics and Insight portal taken forward so we have better stats on where we have meetings and who attends.
  • Liaison with TNC PC regarding side meetings for the community programme at TNC.
  • Big focus on event management during "event season".
  • Plan for profiles on TF and SIG chairs for CONNECT magazine.

Task Force and SIG meetings:

  • 15-16 October 2018 SIG-ISM meeting in Luxembourg (12 + 10 online).
  • SIG-MSP,  3-4 October 2018, Belgrade: (29 + 7) .
  • SIG-PMV, 23-24 October 2018, Manchester (11 + 4)

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