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The eduGAIN Steering Group is a body that consists of Member Federations’ representatives and has an oversight role in the eduGAIN service. Each Member Federation SHOULD appoint a delegate and deputy to the eduGAIN Steering Group (eSG). Each Member Federation should ensure that delegates and deputies can represent all Technology Profiles used by the federation. The eduGAIN Steering Group may also invite non-voting observers to its meetings and mailing list.

The term of the eSG Chair and non-voting invited observers is two calendar years. The eSG is responsible for:

  1. Approving changes to the profiles and documents in the eduGAIN Policy Framework, such as introducing updating or removing profiles or documents.
  2. Decisions on metadata peering relationships, e.g. exchanging metadata with other trust infrastructures.
  3. Reviewing and approving the membership of new Federations.
  4. Approving disqualification or temporary suspension for Member Federations as described in section 3.6.
  5. Appointing the Chair and non-voting invited observers to the eSG.
  6. Other tasks delegated to the eSG in supplementing Technology Profiles.

Decisions of the eSG are determined by a simple majority of Member Federations from the active list at the time of the call to vote, apart from constitutional changes (see 4.4). Member Federations may vote on all constitutional changes and new Technology Profiles but may only vote on changes to Technical Profiles in active use within their federations.  Each Member Federation’s vote is equal, and each Member Federation is initially regarded as active.  A Member Federation which is absent from two consecutive votes will be removed from the active list for the purpose of subsequent votes.  Participating in a vote returns the federation to the active list.

Voting takes place over two weeks, but a decision may be reached early if the required majority is achieved before that time.

The eduGAIN SG Chair is: Terry Smith, AAF.

The eduGAIN Secretariat is supported by: Nicole Harris and Casper Dreef, GÉANT.

Table of Contents

eduGAIN Steering Group Meetings

Scheduled meetings: see calendar on the right for eduGAIN SG meetings and "Drop in Sessions" in 2020.

In the recent past the following meetings have taken place:

eduGAIN Town Hall Meetings

The Town Hall Meetings are of informative nature and open to the public. In the recent past the following meetings have taken place:

Open Actions from eduGAIN Meetings

Task report

Completed Actions from eduGAIN Meetings

Task report

2022 eduGAIN SG meetings:

#1 - 22th March 12:00 UTC

#2 - 24th May 7:00 UTC

#3 - Extraordinary meeting TNC22

  • Time/date TBD

#4 - 13th September 16:30 UTC

#5 - 14th 13th December 12:00 UTC

2022 eduGAIN "Drop in Sessions":

A range of informal, drop in meetings have been organised for the wider eduGAIN community to come together and exchange ideas. These meetings are scheduled:

#1 - 22th February 16:30 UTC  

#2 - 20th April 07:00 UTC

#3 - 19th July 16:30 UTC

#4 - 16th August 07:00 UTC

#5 - 18th October 07:00 UTC

#6 - 15th November 16:30 UTC